The Share Library

The libshare API reference manual. This documentation covers the public API provided by the Share library. The documentation is for developers of 3rd-party applications intending to use this API. This manual is divided in the following sections:
  • libshare core programming interface provides basic routines used through-out the remaining sections of the library. These include methods to track error status, generate checksum verification, application end-point referencing, the tracking of time, and user-specific library configuration settings. Core Programming Interface libshare compound
  • libshare memory manipulation routines provide methods to buffer and encode various types of data. Memory manipulation routines. libshare_mem compound
  • libshare networking interface provides extensions to the IP protocol / system network handling. The ESTP protocol is an alternative to , or as a layered tunnel upon, the TCP IP protocol. Networking and the ESTP protocol. libshare_net compound
  • libshare sharefs file-system provides multiple partitions based on the underlying application context. The file-system has extended attributes which allow for alternate storage methods such as archival, compress, version revision, licensing, The filesystem stores introduces new inode types in order to reference additional information relating to a file or directory. The sharefs filesystem libshare_fs compound
  • access to libshare account permission and process-level locks. System-level process management. libshare_sys compound