Dynamic Memory Buffers

The function allocates a JSON context that may have information stored in it by functions such as , , , and . shjson_init() group__libshare__memjson_1ga6a003b3ec511a1f68258088cad1d70ea member shjson_str_add() group__libshare__memjson_1ga6a37944213d361c8c77df6ff5779edfc member shjson_num_add shjson_obj_add shjson_array_add() group__libshare__memjson_1gab936b6fea0d8a56f4f0a2f8c7a3bc8ab member The , , and other similar functions are used in order to retrieve information from the JSON context. Additional function prefixed by the "a" character, such as are used in order to retrieve a non-allocated return value. shjson_str() group__libshare__memjson_1ga6a23f9fe111c0eea60e4b2fdcebe6053 member shjson_num shjson_astr() group__libshare__memjson_1ga857cfcdd8e988d588624840da15ed90f member The function is used in order to de-allocate the JSON context. The function can be used in order to retrieve the JSON context in ascii format. shjson_free() group__libshare__memjson_1gae9a7788305c14ad5cfb2b08c8d1a1fb4 member shjson_print() group__libshare__memjson_1ga4c996046c84e6237ba31f7e8242556c1 member Notable uses of JSON context in libshare include the export format of the shfs-db inodes and as the typical format for a context value.
*json=(NULL); shjson_t structshjson__t compound shjson_init group__libshare__memjson_1ga6a003b3ec511a1f68258088cad1d70ea member Create a new JSON tree hierarchy.
(json, shjson_str_add group__libshare__memjson_1ga6a37944213d361c8c77df6ff5779edfc member Add a string value to a JSON object or array.
,( shjson_astr group__libshare__memjson_1ga857cfcdd8e988d588624840da15ed90f member Obtain an un-allocated string value from a JSON object.
(&json); shjson_free group__libshare__memjson_1gae9a7788305c14ad5cfb2b08c8d1a1fb4 member De-allocates memory associated with a JSON hiearchy.
  • JSON Programming Specifications group__libshare__memjson compound